Goals :

  Collect arkanium ore and escape before a swarm of enemies take you away.

Enemy spawner:

Destroy this enemy spawner  to pick up a power up and limit the spread of the swarm

Powers UP (can be stack)

Restore your health

 Increases attack power, size and delay speed

 Increase vehicle speed

 Activate a shield, it can destroy your enemies while protecting you

Have Fun 


Arkanium-gamjam-v0.1.0-windows.zip 29 MB
Arkanium-gamejam-v0.1.0-MacOS.app.zip 29 MB
Arkanium-GameJam-v0.1.0-Linux.zip 33 MB

Development log


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Thanks you

Really cool game. I liked how the shooting and pickup sounds were in key with the music. Great music as well. 

Thanks you