A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The idea for GodotJam 2016/2017 :

An action-puzzle game with two energies:
There are red and blue energies to activate triggers timer that allows to activate blocks, spikes, portals and a power related to the current energy.

All in a dangerous dungeon

About :

Energeon is my first game made with godot as well as my first gamjam.
This game isn't finished and consists only of the first level (but nothing definitive) and I intend to finish it soon.

Anyone can help me to continuous this project and all feedback are welcome
Contact me : omalige@gmail.com

Thank to :

devlopers of Godot engine

artists of opengameart.org for my base assets and

all developers of this Jam!


Energeon_GodotJam_linux_x64 32 MB
Energeon_GodotJam_linux_x86 31 MB
Energeon_GodotJam_OSX.zip 22 MB
Energeon_GodotJam_windows_x64.exe 22 MB
Energeon_GodotJam_windows_x86.exe 20 MB
Source_Energeon-Gotdot_Gamejam.zip 4 MB

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