Alpha 6

Hi everybody .

After several months of devlopment in my spare time here is the latest postjam version of The-Lost-Jedi, with many changes:
  Update of the project to godot 3,
  A lot of code optimization,
  Change the color palette to the 2600 atari and graphics in general,
  Added a new loader and home screen,
  Added a Menu with options,
  Added two-player Coop mode,
  Added a personalized music to the intro page,
  Added new power up Shield that can fire an enemy fire
  Added focus shooting
  And many more things that I do not remember anymore lol 

This version still needs to be tested, but I wanted to publish it because I was going to start a web developer training and I do not think I have much time available, although the best is yet to come!


Files 52 MB
Mar 24, 2018
The-Lost-Jedi_X11_Alpha6.tar.xz 45 MB
Mar 24, 2018 68 MB
Mar 24, 2018

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