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The project:

The-lost-jedi is basically an idea of four future student of o'clock school (web
development) for the  OFFGame jam 2017 , which had to be developed in Phaser.
For the theme of throwback, we started on an 8-bit shoot them up with
a sprite base  8 x8 pixel  and a limited color palette (pico 8), of course
sound effects and 8-bit music, all with a generating system of enemy wave.

But for lack of time for some and the unforeseen difficulty of phaser  forced us to abandon the project.

So I continued the project alone under Godot engine (which I love) ten days before the end of the jam.

Here is The-lost-jedi a retro shoot them up in order to destroy and survive
ever more dangerous waves of enemies using accumulation of  powers up.
Your goal as in the past is to make the biggest score.

Powers up

The powers up
are cumulative and offers a rise in power able to devastate everything,
in return if you get hit by enemy they come back to the starting point

Add more shot damage

Add more move  speed to player ship and less delay to shooting

Add lateral shot and more damage

Add energy (life)


The use of a gamepad is strongly recommended, but you can use the keyboard :

Arrows + Space

ZQDS + Space

WASD + Space

When shooting speed ship are slowly


The project is still alpha because I would like to improve  :

  • Better wave system (increasing difficulty and better generating)
  • Add more enemy,
  • Add more powers-up (Shield and Beam laser)
  • Final boss.
  • Menu with option
  • 2 player mode

But first of all I have to optimize the code and fix some bug.

Code source :


All feedback are welcome :
Mail : Omalige@gmail.com

Good game

Thank to Max, Dicard and Mike of O'clock for their participation


The-Lost-Jedi_Windows_Alpha6.zip 52 MB
The-Lost-Jedi_X11_Alpha6.tar.xz 45 MB
The-Lost-Jedi_Mac_osx_Alpha6.zip 68 MB

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